of the
Alberta Gas and Oil Pipeline Operators Safety Council
(Amended – June 2014)


The name of this organization is: “The Alberta Gas and Oil Pipeline Operators Safety Council” referred to as either AGOPOSC or ‘The Council.’


With regard to oil & gas pipeline operational issues the Council will:
Promote a greater understanding of and appreciation for, the principles of occupational health and safety.

  • Foster and encourage the practice of incident prevention and safety procedures in an effort to reduce incidents of loss to workers, property, the public and impact to the environment.
  • Liaise with all stakeholders concerned with the promotion of health and safety.
    • Build professional relationships/networks (regulatory and peer)
  • Create an environment where members share safety information; that includes but not limited to, best practices, technology, successes, trends, alerts/hazards, challenges, regulatory updates and incidents
  • Promote AGOPOSC and encourage other employers to become members of ‘The Council.
  • Create and maintain a scholarship program to reward selected Alberta post-secondary students enrolled in an undergraduate or professional program pertaining to health and safety.


  • Membership is open to every employer in the oil and gas pipeline industry.
  • Each member will provide a permanent representative and an alternate.
  • Each member of ‘The Council’ is entitled to one (1) vote.
  • Each member will pay annual dues as stipulated by committee to remain in good standing and retain voting privileges.
  • Applicable safety regulators for the province of Alberta (i.e.  Alberta Occupational Health and Safety [OH&S], Alberta Energy Regulator [AER]) will not be considered official members of “the Council” rather will be invited to attend meetings to act in an advisory capacity.  Membership dues and voting privileges will not apply.


The Officers of ‘The Council’ includes a: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Web Coordinator and Scholarship Coordinator. The Officers are elected for a two-year period. The Vice-Chair automatically becomes Chair at the end of the two-year term. The election of officers is to be held at the last regular meeting of each term.


The Chair of ‘The Council’ will:

  • Preside at all Council meetings and is responsible for efficient operation of ‘The Council’.
  • Be accountable to publish the agenda for each meeting that allows input from the membership.
  • Not make a motion, nor take part in a vote while in the Chair, unless such vote is a deciding vote.
  • Designate or appoint an alternate chairperson in the event of the Chair’s absence for any meeting in the following order: Vice-Chair, Secretary, and then Treasurer.

The Vice-Chair will:

  • Assume the duties of the Chair in the event of any absence of the Chair.
  • Take on the role of the Chair once the term of the Chair’s role has expired.

The Secretary will:

  • Maintain a record of attendance indicating those present and those absent.
  • Record all minutes of all meetings.
  • Process all correspondence.
  • Maintain an up-to-date membership list.
  • Notice of Council Meetings and Agenda to be issued within one (1) month of the meeting
  • Minutes of Council Meetings will be issued within one (1) month of the meeting.

The Treasurer will:

  • Open a bank account in the Council’s name and assume responsibility for Council funds.
  • Arrange to have a member act as a co-signor for issuing of any cheques.
  • Approve and pay all accounts payable.
  • Collect annual membership dues.
  • Provide a Financial/Budget Report at Council Meetings.

The Website Coordinator will:

  • Manage and maintain ‘The Council’ web site

The Scholarship Coordinator will:

  • Manage and maintain ‘The Council’ Scholarship program


Meetings are held on the third (3rd) Thursday of February, June and November or dates agreed to by ‘The Council’. The meetings will be held at rotating locations. Special meetings may be called by the direction of the Chair. One Quarter (1/4) of the membership will constitute a quorum.


The Constitution of ‘The Council’ will be reviewed and amended as required at a minimum every two years to coincide with Chair of ‘The Council’ term.  Voting may be either by the regular method or by proxy. Any proxy vote not received by the specified closing date will be considered as supporting the amendment.


In the event of a quorum decision to dissolve ‘The Council’, the Council’s net assets will be awarded evenly between the membership or an alternative approach may be selected (i.e. scholarship awards/donations etc.) if agreed upon with a unanimous vote.